Recent Announcements  
'17 Oct. 26-27 Kawai, Tanaka, Bolortuya, Sugino, Yoshida, and Yamasaki gave presentations at The 53th conference of X-ray Analysis in Tokushima.
'17 Oct. 19-21 Kawai, Bolortuya, Sugino, and Yoshida gave presentations at The 33th PIXE symposium in Uji, Kyoto.
'17 Oct. 12 We congratulated undergraduates on passing the entrance exam and held welcome party for a new member at Tentora.
'17 Sep. 18-22 Bolortuya gave a presentation at The 17th International Conference on Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis and Related Methods (TXRF2017) in Brescia, Italy.
'17 July 31 - Aug.4 Kawai gave a presentation and a lecture at The 66th annual Denver X-ray Conference (DXC2017) in Big Sky, USA.
'17 July 18 Sugino gave a presentation at the workshop of analytical chemistry of Kansai and recieved encouragement award.
'17 June 11 - 16 Kawai gave a presentation at Colloquium Spectroscopicum Internationale XL (CSI2017) in Pisa, Italy.
'17 May 27,28 Kawai, Tanaka and Bolortuya gave presentations at The 77th workshop of analytical chemistry of Japan.
'17 May 25 Welcome party was held at Satonoya.
'17 Apr. A serial article " Who made Laplace transformation ? " is started in " Kinzoku (AGNE Gijutsu Center) " .
'17 Apr. 18 MEMBERS is updated.
'17 Apr. 10 Web Site Renewal !!   The previous version is here ( also in LINKS ).